Town shows its spirit on flood anniversary

Wormgate Bites Back
Wormgate Bites Back

Boston’s strong community spirit in recovering from last year’s floods was celebrated on the one-year anniversary on Friday.

Residents are still being urged to sign up for free flood warnings however, as the authorities said 36 per cent of people in the town’s central wards cannot currently be reached in an emergency.

Friday saw flood-hit traders launch Wormgate Bites Back – with free bacon butties dished out from Blenkin Memorial Hall, where afternoon tea was later served.

At the Stump, where flood repairs are still being made, guided tours were given and a carol service was held.

Team rector Rev Canon Alyson Buxton, said: “There are always ‘diamonds in the debris’ – and this saying was true of the positive consequences of the flood. The ‘diamonds’ in our debris was a pulling together of the Wormgate traders and our church community in a new sense of unity and camaraderie.”

The Bishop David Rossdale was joined by the Rev Buxton and Boston Mayor Coun Alison Austin and Coun Richard Austin on their visits to traders in the area.

They visited Out of the Cage pet shop just as owner Chris Gregg was selling a 
tarantula to a customer.

“I don’t think the bishop was a fan of spiders,” said Chris, adding: “It’s been great to show people how traders here have all bounced back. The flood really did bring us all closer together.”

Coun Austin, raised a glass of Batemans Brewery’s Resilience Ale in the Britannia Inn, where the cellars filled with flood water and the ground-floor was all-but destroyed by a three-foot deep deluge.

Readers sipped the ale, supported by Boston borough and Lincolnshire county councils, for £1.50 with a coupon in last week’s Standard.

The Mayor emphasised that the ale aimed to encourage more people sign up for flood warnings.

She said: “Resilience Ale celebrates the resilience shown by the Boston community who came together and helped put Boston back on its feet after the flood.”

She praised the 120 volunteers who had helped the Brit to be able to open the next evening after the flood.

You can register for flood warnings on 0345 988 1188 or