Tractor ride sowed the seeds of love

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A LIFT in a tractor sparked a marriage between two old school friends that would last 60 years.

Boston couple John and Joan Clare will celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary on holiday in Norfolk tomorrow (Thursday).

“She was walking to work one morning and I went past in the tractor and offered her a lift,” said John, 80, who was working on the land in Amber Hill.

Joan, 78, who also spent time working on the land, said: “I recognised him from school but it was the first time we properly got talking.”

The couple had their first date in Boston the following weekend – with John offering Joan another ride – this time on the back of his motorbike.

The couple, who have two daughters, three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, hit it off and married on August 2 at Brothertoft Church.

“It’s a bit of give and take really,” said Joan when asked about the key to such a long marriage.

“It’s important to have a laugh and enjoy holidays together.”

John said: “We have been to lots of places over the years in our tow caravan. In fact, we bought it for our 40th wedding anniversary.”

The couple have continued the travelling mantra right up to their anniversary – with both currently enjoying a long stay in Norfolk.

“We plan to stay here until September,” said John. “We get together with friends and do lots of sight-seeing.”

John said he also has plans to drive a friend’s combine harvester in Norfolk.

Joan added: “I don’t think I will be taking a ride in that one.”