Picture for illustrative purposes
Picture for illustrative purposes

A SEVEN-year-old boy was knocked over by an ambulance responding to an emergency call in Boston on Sunday.

The ambulance had blue lights flashing and sirens blazing as it went along John Adams Way when the accident happened near to the junction with Main Ridge East.

The two-man ambulance crew stopped to treat the boy and another vehicle was sent out to the call it had initially been travelling to.

The incident, which took place at about 2.50pm, caused long tailbacks through the town centre.

One man, who was stuck in the jam, said it took 45 minutes to travel from Morrisons at the Boston Shopping Park to Aldi on Queen Street.

Police said all due processes were carried out at the scene of the accident, including the driver being breathalysed.

A spokesman added they had launched an investigation into the accident, as they would with any other, but confirmed that nobody had been arrested and there had been no suggestion that the ambulance crew were to blame for the incident.

A spokesman for East Midlands Ambulance Service said: “The crew immediately went to the aid of the casualty and called for assistance.

“Another ambulance was dispatched to respond to the original 999 call.

“Police are investigating the cause of the incident and so it is not appropriate for us to make further comment.”

The boy was taken to Pilgrim Hospital with minor injuries and is now recovering.

Traffic problems were made worse on the day with the part-closure of Sleaford Road.