Huge boulder left in middle of busy road

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It’s not every day you drive along a road at night to find a 4ft-wide boulder blocking your path.

But this huge stone is what confronted a father and son from Old Leake when they travelled along a busy stretch of the A52 in Boston late at night on Sunday, February 1.

Rob Thomas and son Tim were on their way back from a trip to the cinema when they spotted the boulder on Wainfleet Road – in just enough time to safely stop their car.

“Our trip home was disturbed by the amazing sight of this massive boulder,” said Rob. “I thought ‘oh my God - what is that?’

“It must have been about four-foot wide, two-foot high and weigh about half a ton at least.”

The boulder was a feature situated outside nearby Johnsons Garden Centre lay-by – and it is believed an articulated lorry turning around there ran over it and dragged it into the road.

“There are huge scratch marks in the road pulling out of that lay-by that must have carried on for about 75ft up the road,” explained Rob.

He reported the matter to the police after spotting a lorry driver further along the A52 checking the rear of his vehicle.

He went on: “It’s really dangerous. I can’t believe the driver just left this in the road.”

He added: “If it was in a side road without street lights we wouldn’t have seen it until it was too late to stop the car.”

A team from Lincolnshire Highways came out to remove the boulder that night.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said they received the report shortly after 11pm - but officers did not get to speak to the driver of the alleged lorry.

A spokesman for Johnsons Garden centre said the boulder was put back in the lay-by area by highways - but there was no other damage caused.