Trains bring Boston traffic to standstill


Boston’s traffic was gridlocked on this morning (Monday) when trains manoeuvring near Spalding Road level crossing brought the barriers down for nearly two hours.

Network Rail says the crossing barriers were closed from 7.10am to 8.54am – and they had to remain down until the problem was fully investigated.

It took that amount of time to check what had caused the barrier to be closed.

Network Rail spokesman

The closure came during the morning commute and school run and led to long delays for both north and southbound traffic on the A16 and surrounding roads.

One driver who came to Boston from Quadring said her journey took a little over two hours instead of the usual 20 minutes.

She said: “Traffic was queuing into Boston along the A16 and at about 8.10am the queue stretched as far back as the turnings for Frampton.

“I turned around, went to Kirton and came back into Boston via London Road but then turned off into West End Road.

“I inched along West End Road and was stuck on that road alone for an hour and 20 minutes.

“In the last few weeks, Network Rail has gridlocked Spalding at least three times through faults on the line. This is happening too often.”

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “Once activated, the crossing closes to road traffic for safety reasons. After investigating fully what had caused the crossing to be closed, it was reopened to road traffic. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.”

Asked why the crossing was closed for so long, the spokesman said: “It took that amount of time to check what had caused the barrier to be closed.”