Authorities: ‘We can’t afford to spend on Rolls Royce options’ on repairs

Particularly bad stretches of road between Friskney and Stickney.
Particularly bad stretches of road between Friskney and Stickney.

Officials have confirmed they will be looking at how to fix the road - but safety bosses say finances mean it can’t be ‘Rolls Royce’ options.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership communications manager John Siddle said signs had been put up to warn people but said he’d been told some had gone missing.

He said: “Obviously, this road is of concern to us. In the short-term we are going to review the signage that’s out there to make people more aware.

“I know local people are very aware and treat the road with care and caution but that doesn’t assist people out of the area so that signage is vital to those not familiar with the area.”

He said he was aware of meetings taking place between the parish and county council.

He said: “Something needs to be done but it will be down to highways and the county council.”

“It’s always money, and the amount of money to repair just this one road we’re talking about multiples of millions in pounds,” he added.

“They’ve got to find a way forward. I’m not the financial side but anybody can tell we haven’t got that sort of money to put Rolls Royce options into the road.

“We need to make people aware of it to make sure people don’t travel at speed down that road and give them enough warning so they can drive according to the conditions.”

He said there had been works done on the road for 15 years but that the road still presented a danger to users, adding that finding a long-term solution would be difficult.

Lincolnshire county councillor Richard Davies, executive member for highways and transport, said: “We are aware of issues regarding the road at Fodderdyke Bank, and are currently waiting for results from our highways laboratory, to assess the cause of damage, and what can be done to address these issues.

“We would aim to address any immediate safety issues with the road once we have the results, but in the longer term, a significant amount of funding would be needed to repair all the structural defects.

“This road is high on our agenda, and when additional funding becomes available, the county council will look to address these issues on the basis of priority.”

Boston MP Mark Simmonds, who accepted the petition from campaigners said: “The situation with Hobhole and Fodderdyke Banks is clearly quite serious and rightly causing concern for local residents and users of the road. I have written to Lincolnshire County Council regarding this issue and will also be writing to the minister responsible for road safety to ask for action.”