Bad weather blamed for delay to fix to Boston’s roads

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Highways chiefs have blamed the continued bad weather for stopping them from fixing the borough’s crumbling roads.

Earlier this year The Standard highlighted a number of severe potholes and cracks in roads across the borough – many of which still lie unfixed.

Lincolnshire County Council pinpointed £6m to fix such problems across the county but told The Standard that its pothole fixing teams have still been needed to man the county’s gritters – with sub-zero conditions still in existence – putting repairs on hold.

A spokesman said: “We’re out making as many repairs as possible, as soon as possible, in priority order.

“It’s been one of the worst winters for quite some time in gritting terms, with significant prolonged cold spells, and the same crews who make road repairs are still out overnight gritting at the moment.

“The damage caused by such conditions means we face significant challenges across a huge road network – our East Division alone is the same size as all of Northamptonshire.”

The explanation comes after the Country Land and Business Association said it fears repairs to smaller roads will not happen soon enough.

Lincolnshire spokesman Tim Barnes-Clay said: “Freezing conditions always seem to signal pothole season in the county and while local councils are usually quick to repair damage to major roads like the A15 or A1 they are often more delayed in their approach to minor routes.

“As the ongoing austerity measures continue to bite, we are seriously concerned that cash-starved councils will be tempted to further neglect rural roads in Lincolnshire, which are a key part of the infrastructure that underpins the rural economy.”

The council spokesman said potholes are prioritised based on their size and location on the road, how busy the road is and what speed limit it has.

Report potholes by calling 01522 782070.