Boston firm puts forward ‘solution’ to mud on the roads hazard

Possible solution? The Larrington Trailer
Possible solution? The Larrington Trailer

Mud on the roads left by agricultural vehicles is the bane of many a Lincolnshire driver – causing a danger and covering bodywork in dirt.

But now a Boston firm is claiming to have the solution to dramatically reducing the amount left on our roads.

Multi award-winning Boston company Larrington Trailers has invented a special trailer which transfers crops from a field directly to a clean vehicle waiting on the road.

The firm’s managing director Richard Larrington said: “The idea of transferring crops is directly related to the reduction of soil down the road – a danger that all farmers and contractors must aim to reduce.

“It stays in the field with the mud, transfers the load into a waiting, clean, trailer on the road - triple axles and large flotation tyres help to reduce damage through compaction to the field, also benefiting the farmer.”

The firm say their trailer has several benefits over a standard tipping trailer.

They came forward after The Standard ran an article about borough councillor Bob McAuley meeting with Lincolnshire County Council to urge farmers and motorists to help keep Boston’s roads clear of mud.

After hearing about Larrington Trailer’s claims, Coun Bob McAuley said: “This is very interesting and it’s great that there is a possible solution. It needs looking into more, but it’s something I’m keen to put forward at the next meeting.”