BYPASS: Looking for a new group to take on the fight

THE time is right for a new group to take on the fight for a bypass for Boston, according to the outgoing campaign leader.

Christine Basu is leaving the town and wants to find new blood to pick up the baton from the Boston Bypass Pressure Group.

Christine says she is keen to help a new group, with the pressure group already having carried out work on studies making the case for a new road for the town.

Mrs Basu said: “I am leaving Boston. I feel very sad about Boston, I think it has been sorely neglected.

“I think it is going to be a long fight again. They have to take up where we left off.

“Of course we are back to the status quo now with a Tory run group in charge.

“I certainly think that because of the news about Lincoln, Grantham and now Spalding it gives the new group something to get their teeth into. There are opportunities to get a handle on what’s happening.

“The key issue is to get a road into the transport plan. It’s not a last chance saloon because the plan has to be reviewed but it is important.”

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