Campaign convinces council to look at crossing for ‘dangerous’ road

Coun Alison Austin has raised fears about London Road.
Coun Alison Austin has raised fears about London Road.
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A campaign to get a pedestrian crossing installed on a ‘dangerous’ road has gathered pace – after the council agreed to consider a change.

Boston borough councillor Alison Austin has mounted a bid to make the council put in a crossing on Boston’s London Road, near to the junction with Linley Drive, to help struggling pedestrians cross the busy road.

Her mission has been supported by more than 120 local residents, and she has now convinced highways bosses at Lincolnshire County Council to review the situation and see if a crossing could be needed.

Coun Austin told The Standard: “One day I stood and watched school kids as they were getting off the buses.

“They waited and they waited, for I don’t know how long, because there is so much traffic. It’s dangerous.

“It’s not just children – it’s people trying to get to the church or the church hall, and people just crossing the road when they go into town.

“It’s a fact. There should be a crossing there.”

In a bid to rally support for a crossing in the area, Coun Austin delivered flyers to every property in her ward, asking residents to contact her with their opinions.

All responses have been in support of the crossing.

“There is such strength of feeling,” she added.

The council carried out a previous traffic survey in 2008, when it was decided that a crossing was not necessary.

A spokesman for the authority said that as there had been a lot of new development in recent years, it would now be sensible to carry out another.

Senior highways officer Gareth Milner said: “We’ve been working closely with the local borough councillor and will carry out a pedestrian survey in May to see if the road meets our criteria for a pedestrian crossing.

“If our criteria are met, we’ll look at how we can progress this further.”