Campaigners call for road safety to be improved

Signs on Fodderdyke Bank
Signs on Fodderdyke Bank

Campaigners hoping to improve road safety on Fodderdyke Bank are set to hold a public meeting next Friday.

The road has come under the spotlight recently because it has been argued the condition of it has contributed to several accidents – including one fatality.

Campaigners hoping to get highways officials at Lincolnshire County Council to do something about the state of the road have 
submitted a 1,248 signature petition as well as 
gaining 589 further signatures online.

Sharon Horry, who has organised the online petition, said: “Over the winter the dip/subsidence has got worse.

“That is now four accidents in five months caused by that piece of road that have been reported and a few minor incidents that have not required police attendance.”

She said the aim of the meeting, set to take place at the Duke of Wellington on Friday, March 6, at 7 pm, was for people that want to help in any way they can to find a way forward and to form a proactive group.

Fellow campaigner and parish councillor Christine Lockey, who helped set up the paper petition last October, said there has been plenty of action since then.

Eastville Midville and New Leake Parish Group is supporting the campaign and through it has got the support of 10 other surrounding parish councils

She said campaigners had met with a number of officials including county councillor Richard Davies and MP Mark Simmonds, as well as publicising their campaign with local organisations.

She said: “All our roads locally are in a really, really bad state of repair, but please, we do not want any more accidents and certainly not fatalities.

“I am a local person born and bred and have lived in the same house for 60 years so I know all about the local area and roads.

“They are really in bad state/repair we have not had anything done to these roads for years.

“Fodderdyke Bank gets used an awful lot. Every day we have school buses bringing the children to school it really frightens me to see a double decker bus with young school children aboard.

“The really dangerous piece of road where these accidents have taken place is like the big dipper or roller coaster.”

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