Council due to defy objections to right turn ban

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COUNCILLORS are set to overrule objections and make a right turn ban at a busy Boston junction permanent.

Lincolnshire County Council’s planning committee meets on Monday and will discuss the junction of Sleaford Road and Brothertoft Road.

Traffic has been barred from turning right from Sleaford Road into Brothertoft Road on a trial basis and county councillors recently delayed a decision on making that permanent to allow people to make objections.

The council received 18 letters of objections and a petition with 100 signatures opposing the move. About 50 letters were also sent to executive councillor William Webb.

The council admits the ban has increased traffic along Carlton Road and Sydney Street and that the diversion is longer for residents.

However the authority believes improvements to the traffic flow along the A52 ‘outweigh the disbenefits’ and has urged members to make the move permanent.