Councillor warns: “You’ve missed out on a cure to your parking problems”


Residents have blown their one chance to get permits to be able to park outside their homes according to a borough councillor.

People living in the town centre will be offered cut-price council car park tickets to make up for restrictions that mean they cannot park outside their own homes after a council survey failed to show a desire for permits.

Coun Carol Taylor said during a consultation she had visited properties in Tunnard, Thorald and Hartley streets and got about 60 signatures in favour of permitsto guarantee a space near to their homes.

She said: “Of all those I visited one person didn’t want it. I explained that the more people who put their name for it and asked for it the more likely it would be.”

She said she was ‘shocked’ by the mere 13 per cent return rate to the 1,245 questionnaires were handed out.

She said: “At the end of the day, had the public who had their one chance to get parking permits for their streets filled them in they would have had their chance. But this will not happen again any time soon.

“This was their chance of getting their say on parking across their street,” she added.

Coun Taylor feels that the cost of a survey – which she says is about £15,000 – would stop Boston Borough Council looking into the idea again any time soon.

Under the new scheme residents could save £220 on a normally-priced £440 season ticket, entitling them to park 24 hours a day, all year round in any council-run long-term car park.

The parking problems were compounded when rules were enforced more last year.

A council spokesman said:”The survey failed to reveal any specific area where the majority of residents experienced problems parking, were in favour of a residents’ parking scheme and were prepared to pay for it.”

The reduced rate tickets will be available from Municipal Buildings in West Street but applicants will need to bring with them proof that they live in one of the streets eligible for the scheme.

The permits are available to residents in Fydell Crescent, Queen Street, George Street, Liquorpond Street, High Street, South Street, Bridge Street, South Square, Paddock Grove, Bond Street, Victoria Place, West Street, Red Lion Street, Rosegarth Street, Norman Avenue, James Street, Fountain Lane, Trinity Street, Tunnard Street, Station Approach, Thorold Street, Station Street, Tawney Street, Lincoln Lane, Hartley Street, Tower Street, Robin Hoods Walk, Irby Place, Grand Sluice Lane, Irby Street, Maud Street, Norfolk Street, Field Street, Union Place, Grove Street East, Union Street, Foster Street, Witham Place, Threadneedle Street, Witham Street, Pen Street, Chappel Street, Grove Street West, Wormgate, Main Ridge West, Spain Lane and Quaker Lane.

They will be able to use the following car parks: Botolph Street, St George’s Road, Tunnard Street, Artillery Row, Maud Street, Buoy Yard, Victoria Place, Staniland, George Street, Spayne Road and Station Approach.