Crossing fault cuts widened road down

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TRAFFIC misery gripped Boston last week when a level crossing barrier failed.

The fault the A16 Spalding Road on Thursday returned drivers and businesses in the area to the large-scale disruption suffered during the recent road-widening works.

It was reported to police at about 12.30pm, but continued long into the afternoon.

Speaking to The Standard at 2.45pm, Paul Moore, the owner of nearby firm Trade Imaging, confirmed the disruption was ongoing.

He explained one barrier was in the down position, one was elevated, while someone guided vehicles around the obstacle.

“The traffic has virtually been at a standstill,” he said, adding that it had taken an hour for a customer from Spalding to reach the business.

“It’s nothing but havoc out there,” he said.

On the eve of a four-day weekend, the timing of the disruption could not have been much worse for town traders.

It represented further woe for Spalding Road firms, such as Mr Moore’s, just getting back to normal after 10 months of work from Lincolnshire County Council and Network Rail.

The A16 level crossing itself was closed for 12 hours as recently as March as the project reached its final stages.

“People are not coming down here,” Mr Moore said.

A spokesman for Network Rail apologised for any inconvenience caused.

Two teams attended the crossing as soon as possible, the spokesman explained, one to operate the barrier manually and the other to correct the fault. At the time of speaking to The Standard, it was not known why the level crossing failed.

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