Fed up drivers plead: ‘Do more to fix potholes’


Efforts to fix potholes around Boston are not good enough to cure the current problem, according to fed up motorists who live in the area.

Residents who use the crumbling roads around the borough have complained that little is being done to make sure the problem is fixed to a good standard – and they have said enough is enough.

But Lincolnshire County Council believes staff do what they can with the problem, and change is underway to improve the process further.

At the moment, potholes which are considered particularly bad are temporarily fixed, and staff return to complete the job at a later date.

However, during our campaign to battle Boston’s lumpy lanes, motorists have sent in pictures of potholes after they have been undergone emergency repair – and it looks as if the fillers are not staying in place for very long at all.

Wrangle resident Ros Emerson emailed several picutres of cratered roads around Wrangle and Old Leake, which she said had been temporarily filled on a number of occasions only for the surfaces to crack yet again.

She said: “The question I would love to know the answer to is how cost effective are these repairs to the tax payer? Filled temporarily, in holes full of water – what is the cost of these repairs and more importantly how long will they last? On Lockham Gate, in Wrangle, they have filled one pothole at least four times, the last being about two weeks before Christmas and guess what? It has sunk again.

“What can be done to ensure the repairs are carried out effectively using proper materials and to stop wasting money on ineffective repairs?”

People have complained of similar problems on our Facebook page.

But a spokesman for the county council said money was being ploughed into road repairs over the next few years and the way the roads were fixed was going to change.

He added: “With the money we’re going to be doing more and more first fixes.

“We’re using it to be more preventative and tackling holes before they even appear.”

○ To report a pothole to the county council call 01522 782070 or visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk