‘Government should take over our main roads so we can concentrate on fixing potholes’


A county councillor wants maintenance of Lincolnshire’s main roads to be handed over to the Government so the local authority can concentrate cash on repairing pothole ridden back roads.

Coun Chris Pain said the A52, A17, A15, A16, A158, and the remainder of the A46 should become ‘trunk roads’, thereby transferring responsibility for their maintenance to Central Government.

Coun Pain said: “In doing this it would mean that these roads would be maintained by the Government’s Highways Agency, which would release vital funding from our coffers to maintain the rest of Lincolnshire’s pot hole ridden roads.

“I will personally be putting pressure on our executive officers and my fellow councillors to endorse these proposed trunk roads.”

The idea came out of the first meeting of a task and finish group looking at transport concerns.

Coun Pain also supports the long-term desire for a motorway link from the Humber Bridge to the M11 to boost trade and investment in the region.

The next task and finish group meeting will be on February 10. On that date councillors will be discussing the county’s ‘poor rail links and how they can be improved’.