Highways boss quizzed by fed up traders


Fed up Boston businesses quizzed the man in charge of the town’s recent roadworks about the handling of the project.

Satish Shah, head of highways at Lincolnshire County Council, spoke to members of Boston Business Club at the White Hart on Thursday.

He promised those attending that the department is exploring several solutions to ease the problems, including night time work.

As of last Wednesday, he said the traffic was being controlled manually to get it flowing better and said he had been on site himself to supervise work.

He added: “We’re also asking the men to take out both lane closures when they’re not required. My assurance to you is, yes, we are aware of the problem and we have a job to do and will look to see if there’s any way of doing the job better.”

Businesses said they were incredibly distressed by the works and the delays and loss of trade caused by them.

One landlord said her client’s takings had been dramatically down for the past two weeks. Others suggested ending the right hand turn ban experiment from South End while the works were ongoing to help with the issues.

Zoe Dean, from Burgess, Thompson and Richardson insurance brokers said: “The traffic that has to turn right from the docks has compounded the issue. Does it all have to take place at the same time?”

Mr Shah said the circumstances and timings surrounding the works are ‘unfortunate’ and said he would look into it.

The works form part of the the transport strategy for Lincolnshire and it is hoped it will mean there will be no more work on John Adams Way for a long while. The strategy, a 20 year plan, will be reviewed in the next few months.