Improvement works due to Boston’s Market Place

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Improvements are to be made to Boston Market Place from Monday, following concerns that the area is dangerous and confusing.

A host of work has been planned for the new-look market place, which re-opened last year following a massive £2 million regeneration project.

It comes after numerous complaints from members of the public, motorists and disabled people, that the space is simply not right.

Work planned by Lincolnshire County Council will include: creating a more gradual level change on dropped kerbs and replacing dark coloured blister paving with red granite, to create a better contrast – both issues which have been raised by disabled people and those with visual impairments who use the site.

The programme of work will also see deeper setts put in the granite square between Hoppers and Strait Bargate, to increase structural integrity, new planters put in the north-west corner of the space, a new zebra crossing on South Street, and the installation of new electrical items.

Parking spaces will also be marked out in a clearer way, to make it easier for motorists, and information and interpretation board will be put up.

Work is due to take place on weekdays, avoiding the Wednesday market and the Thursday craft market when it returns.

A spokesman for the county council said: “Work will be scheduled to minimise disruption. However, there will be a temporary reduction in parking at certain times.

“Drivers are asked to park only in available spaces, as usual, to avoid risking a parking ticket.”

Since the Market Place re-opened last May, there has been a catalogue of issues relating to safety and people misusing the space.

It was intended to be a ‘shared space’, allowing motorists, pedestrians and buses equal rights of way.

However, many people believe it has just led to confusion and danger, as people do not know where they should go.

Recently, a bench sited in the middle of the Market Place was knocked out of place, and just last week, a bin was knocked over.

Parking has also been an issue, with many unaware of where they should go.