LATEST: Two injured in school bus collision

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TWO 11-year-old girls were injured when a school bus collided with a car this morning.

The Brylaine double decker bus which was on its way to the Giles School collided with a white Kia car off Wainfleet Road at about 8.20am.

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Police say two passengers suffered ‘minor injuries’ as a result of the crash.

A parent of one of the daughters, who did not wish to be named, said her child suffered bruising to her chest when she was thrown forward by the impact.

Both girls were taken to Boston Pilgrim Hospital.

The mum said: “She was bruised and shocked. It was quite a bad incident.

“It was lucky that there were only about 20 people on the bus because it hadn’t picked everyone up.”

The bus was driven by a 61-year-old Kirton man and the Kia driver was a 46-year-old woman from Spalding.

Brylaine Travel management declined to comment on the incident.