LETTER: Highways bosses should lose their jobs for roadworks mess


Why are they still in their jobs? Yet again, Boston is gridlocked because of apparent incompetence in the county highways department.

Why wasn’t the John Adams Way cycle lane (a cycle lane? I doubt many cyclists will use it if the Sleaford Road cycle lanes are anything to go by!) put in when all the junction work was done a few weeks ago, or, during the school holidays when traffic is lighter?

They really compound the impression they don’t know what they are doing as they have undertaken this current work whilst ‘an experiment’ is conducted at the South Square with John Adams Way junction. What will abnormal traffic flow do to the results of that experiment?

I use the junction regularly and fail to see what advantage to traffic flow banning the right turn from the sorting office side of South Square will provide. By not being allowed to turn right, all trafic has to turn left. You then have to go south, down to the roundabout at Queen Street/Spalding Road, back up the northbound side of John Adams Way, and through the South Square junction, again. I suppose there might be some advantage if the traffic lights had been rephased, and phased to allow northbound traffic to go when the right turners would have gone, but no. Northbound traffic has to sit and wait whilst the nonexistent right turners turn left, and add to both the south and northbound traffic. Mad!

Alan Smith