LETTER: Mud on the roads is not acceptable


I have received several phone calls and emails from concerned constituents with reference to the appalling state of some of our roads.

Not pot holes this time but the amount of mud left deposited on our roads by tractors and trailers driving straight out of the field and leaving a trail of mud, sometimes in large clumps.

This is not only a nuisance and unsightly it can be extremely dangerous, the risk of sliding or skidding especially when it gets wet is greatly increased. It is not only the roads and motorist that suffer, as the vehicles drive over the mud it is sprayed over the footpaths again making it filthy dirty and dangerous for pedestrians.

Yes, we live in a rural county, however that does not make it any more acceptable.

The farmers have an obligation to clean the mud of the road that they deposit and I don’t mean run over it with a blade and just spread it even more. What would it take to have a mobile wash unit, to first clean of the machinery then any residue deposited on the road? It is every bit as bad as fly-tipping. The police are the authority to deal with this issue and it is high time they got out there and did so and enforced the law.

I fully appreciate the blue line is getting thinner and this will be low on the list of priorities, but this affects a vast number of people and it is time it was addressed.

If enough people complain to the police possibly some action will be taken.

Coun Bob McAuley

Boston borough and Lincolnshire county councils