LETTER: Time to put a stop to high speed traffic coming out of the Market Place

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

I am writing on behalf of those at the Fydell House end of South Street who have become increasingly concerned by the speed of traffic leaving the Market Place.

Currently there is a 20 mile an hour speed limit from the Market Place, up to No 22 South Street, Cheers Shop. At this point the road narrows to a width of around 14ft and the speed limit increases to 30 miles an hour.

Seemingly the effect on every driver under the age of 25 is to see how fast they can go between this

point and the bridge, accelerating quickly past Fydell House and the Greyfriars Medical Practice before they start to brake sharply (appropriately) at the Co-op funeral parlour traffic lights at Haven Bridge.

The ‘tunnel effect’ of the road narrowing at the Sam Newsom Music Centre, seems to remind them of Jeremy Clarkson driving through an Alpine tunnel in a high powered sports car. He cannot resist putting his foot down and listening to his exhaust note change.

The fact they are accelerating towards a red traffic light seems to have no effect on them, it is mission accomplished. This has created a dangerous situation. It is exacerbated by the proximity of students from the college at the Sam Newsom Music Centre.

Watching the poor patients attempting to get to the Greyfriars Medical Practice from across the road is like an episode from the 1980s video game ‘Frogger’ as they have to navigate four lanes of traffic from the car park. At least they are heading to the right place for a bandage.

The effect on pedestrians is further worsened by large overhanging wing mirrors from lorries and buses on the busy narrow pavements next to the narrow road at the Guildhall. Wing mirrors sometimes pass within inches of pedestrians’ heads.

This has been worsened by the dramatic increase in the footfall from the new Car Park on South Street and, all in all, the speed of the traffic is too high which ruins the whole character of the area.

What other town would tolerate having the magnificence of the pretty buildings of South Square, the Guildhall and Fydell House ruined in such a way? All that is required is a bit of traffic management.

Whilst I will admit that most drivers are sensible, there is certainly at least one ‘land speed record

attempt’ event every 10 minutes or so.

In addition, I feel that the pair of 30 mile an hour limit signs is a blight on a row of Grade II Listed buildings in the Conservation Area, especially the Guildhall and serves no purpose. Having just returned from Europe I can assure you this would not be tolerated elsewhere.

We feel that the 20mph speed limit should be extended to the bridge traffic lights which I know is an item that could be addressed at little cost.

We would also like you to consider two extra speed bumps along this narrow stretch of road as there will still be reckless drivers who will ignore the limit.

Better still, stop the traffic completely and send it back over the Town Bridge and High Street. This might stop the current unnecessary ‘Beauty Parade’ of old bangers that currently seems to race unchecked through the centre of the town.

James Fairman

Director Poyntons Consultancy, Fydell House, South Street, Boston