LETTER: Town centre bus issue needs to be solved

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In response to Councillor Gilbert’s letter on the IT buses invading the pedestrian precinct.

Its looking very much like we will to keep suffering this dangerous practice indefinitely. It’s either brave or foolish too once again ignore how the majority of the townsfolk feel on an issue so close to the upcoming county elections.

I have contacted various borough council members who claim they are against the route taken by buses but they are passing the buck claiming it will be down to the county to decide on the issue.

I have since taken up the case with their county counterparts but it seems very slow to get any response and feel concerned that once again the leading groups will just do what they’re told by there masters who are so far removed from the sufferings and the dangers the townsfolk face.

In the last four years we have seen poor attendance and very little news on what our representatives have done to stick up for Boston.

I recently attended the Boston Central Panel meeting where various issues were raised on the buses including an alarming incident where 2 IT buses went head to head in a ‘Russian Roulette’ style incident – totally unacceptable.

Also discussed was: the damage being caused by these and what seems to be an ever increasing amount of traffic going into a pedestrian area,the increasing frequency of buses and speed going through (far more than ever was supposed) and the general effect has on business in the area.

The police were sympathetic with the views from all in attendance and it was appreciated that they made the effort to attend.

With the loss of narrow Bargate, being nothing but a glorified bus station now, and having created a Stalinist style square open space in the Market Place there is now no reason why buses can’t be dismounted each end of the precinct.

The original route when put in place by the backdoor by the previous administration (which the present leading group were all against) was claimed had to go through due to the traffic in town .

Since the road improvements traffic does flow better in the town so that excuse is no longer valid.

So may we ask our elected great and good to do the decent thing for Boston and get this sorted?

Mark Rawlings