LETTERS: Roadworks would have been handled better in Lincoln


Haven Bridge is one of the busiest stretch of roads in the county where two A roads meet, therefore any restriction in traffic flow need to be managed carefully to avoid the chaos we are currently experiencing.

We are sure that in Lincoln any such road works would have been carried out at night.

Yet Boston, the second largest town in the county, has to always be the poor relation and suffer. Surely the extra cost to Lincolnshire County Council is negligible compared to the cost to commerce in Boston?

We would like to challenge Coun Martin Hill, the leader of LCC, and his portfolio holder for highways to come and visit Boston and find out at first hand the damage done to our economy by the bad management of highways works.

Would they not think it better to have waited until the current works were complete before embarking on the experimental no right hand turn from South End onto John Adams Way?

Coun Helen Staples, Coun Richard Austin and Coun David Watts

Boston borough councillors