Meeting looks at solution to town road ‘danger’


Concerns over speeding lorries creating a danger and causing houses to shake in the Skirbeck area of Boston have been aired at a public meeting.

Residents and councillors said vehiclesspeed on the 30mph Skirbeck and Fishtoft roads and raised fears over the ‘unsafe’ junction of Church Road and Fishtoft Road – with drivers struggling to see as they pull out.

A panel of representatives from police and councils listened to concerns and suggested possible solutions to alleviate problems at the meeting, at St Nicholas’ School on Wednesday night.

“When the heavy traffic comes over the bridge it leaves my house shaking,” said one. “They shoot past and there’s no way they are going 30mph,” said another.

PC Gary Chance said speed checks there found ‘there isn’t a speeding issue’ and that only three per cent of vehicles using the road were HGVs.

Residents challenged this by criticising the position of the speed gun - on the bend near Ann’s Fish Shop – saying traffic will have slowed by the time it reaches there.

PC Chance said he would look into doing checks further down the road.

Coun Paul Gleeson, who organised the meeting, said: “What these figures tend to suggest is that 30mph is too fast for heavy goods vehicles to go along that narrow road.”

Area Highways Manager Andy Wharff said if residents name companies with HGVs using the road that didn’t need to, he could write to advise they use an alternative route.

Other solutions discussed included reducing the speed to 20mph, speaking to the Port Authority about a one-way system for HGVs through the docks, and residents forming a Placecheck group. Regarding the junction, LCC plans to adjust the kerbs to bring the junction forward, helping drivers to see better.