New app puts brakes on drivers using their phones

MP Matt Warman (centre) in Boston. Tony Foote, left, shows the app to
MP Matt Warman (centre) in Boston. Tony Foote, left, shows the app to

A new app designed by a Boston company aims to target drivers who can’t resist the temptation to use their phone while driving.

‘Iced by Speed’ is described as th is described as the ‘smart solution’ to tackling the problem of driver distraction by mobile phone.

The app is triggered when a vehicle’s speed exceeds seven mph and causes the smartphone screen to black out and become unresponsive - preventing the driver from reading or responding to texts or social media.

It has an override facility to enable calls to emergency services and the system allows for voice calls to be received via Bluetooth, enabling calls to be made or received using a hands-free kit.

Tony Foote, MD of Ubitrac, which developed the app, said: “People don’t seem to be aware of just how dangerous it is to use their phone while behind the wheel and far too many people are being killed or seriously injured because drivers are distracted.

“Whilst Iced by Speed is primarily aimed at less experienced drivers we are only too aware of the dangers to all drivers of not paying full attention.”

ICED by Speed can also be overridden for times when the user is travelling as a passenger. Parents/guardians can control this remotely online or by letting the user have the password to ‘de-ice’ on the handset.

A Brake survey found that 19 per cent of young drivers admitted texting at the wheel at least once a month, compared with 11% of older drivers.

Using a mobile phone while driving significantly impacts a driver’s reaction time, and Ubitrac says that texting and using social media is ‘significantly more dangerous’ than driving while over the legal drink drive limit.

Mr Foote added: Tony Foote continued “We are incredibly proud to be leading the way with a technology that will not only save lives, it also creates peace of mind for parents and loved ones who worry when the young driver is behind the wheel”.

The app has its official launch in Boston last week, attened by local MP Matt Warman.

Mr Warman said: “I’m really excited so much innovative technology is being developed in Boston. Iced by Speed is a key element to helping reduce the senseless and tragic loss of life amongst our young drivers. The technology is also part of Jobtrac+ Ubitrac’s Lone Worker product and is equally useful in preventing business drivers from using their mobile phones behind the wheel.”