Oh buoy! Hefty new heritage feature on show in Boston

editorial image

A two-tonne buoy was carefully crane-lifted into place on Boston’s Custom House Quay in the early hours of Monday morning.

In almost complete darkness at 6am crane driver Paul Walden lifted the brightly-painted buoy over a wall and railings and gently lowered it into place on a concrete plinth where once a small dock crane used to be positioned.

Greenscaper and skipper of the Boston Belle, Rodney Bowles, gave instruction for final positioning of the former Wash navigation buoy, calling for a second small lift to reposition by just three inches.

Rodney is familiar with the buoy having sailed past it many times when it was at sea.

The buoy now sits proudly on the recently-revamped quay to reflect the area’s maritime heritage.

Viewed from the town bridge, it forms part of improvements to the town made by volunteer group Boston Greenscapers and the Boston in Bloom team.