‘Petition alone won’t build Boston’s bypass...we need £200m’

Roadworks in Boston
Roadworks in Boston
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Those pledging support for an online petition calling for Boston to get a bypass have been warned that strength of feeling alone will not be enough.

As reported last week, resident Christopher Mountain set up the petition on the Lincolnshire County Council website in frustration with the ‘increased traffic and congestion problems’ in the town.

However, council bosses say, while the petition may trigger a council debate, it won’t find the two-three hundred million pounds required to pay for it.

“It’s always good when people get behind a local issue and show support for it,” said Coun Richard Davies, portfolio holder for highways. “But to deliver a bypass it’s going to take more than good will.

“If the petition gets 3,000 signatures it will trigger a debate at the council – but that doesn’t build a bypass.”

The petition has so far attracted 130 names – and several comments about the traffic issues (see below).

Coun Davies said: “We have already done some excellent work in terms of improvements to the town’s roads - but we have got to be careful about promising things we can’t yet deliver.

“For Boston to get a ring-road you’re looking in the region of £2-300 million.

“That’s not something any one body can fund – and Lincolnshire County Counil is certainly not in a position to finance. Such ringroads require a substantial amount of private investment to make them happen.”

Regarding the new road to be constructed as part of the proposed Quadrant development, he added: “That’s something that can be delivered in the short term.

“Nobody would deny Boston needs a proper bypass, the problem, of course is how you fund it.”

With frustrated drivers and local businesses among those affected by ongoing traffic issues – more and more are now backing the e-petition.

Christopher Mountain, who set up the petition, says the road congestion is ‘having a major impact of local business, tourism and residents’.

Others have taken to the page on the council’s website to voice their concerns.

Kylie Horry: “The population has grown massively and the road system is no longer suitable for the small market town it once was.”

Gemma Holland: “I have to set off 40 minutes before I need to, to commute through Boston every week to get towards Holbeach. I also have stopped shopping in Boston as its so stressful.”

Michelle Wright: “The amount of road rage and people lane hopping, cutting people up & near misses is a joke.”

Michael Blakey: “Boston is growing, Lincoln you cannot deny this any longer.”

Paula Dunmore: “It is about time they sort it out instead of building the football stadium GET OUR ROADS SORTED PLEASE”

Ian Lowe: “The age-old excuse of ‘we can’t afford it’ will always be the respone - but it’s getting to the point of ‘we can’t afford NOT TO’.”

l To sign the petition visit epetitionslincolnshire.firmstep.com/petitions