Plan to trial ‘right turn ban’ for Boston road


Highways chiefs are set to trial a ‘right turn ban’ on a Boston town centre road in a bid to ease congestion on John Adams Way.

The county council says it will stop motorists being able to turn right from South End - the road where the Royal Mail delivery office is situated – as part of a ‘ongoing study to improve traffic movements’.

Motorists will be advised to go down to Liquorpond roundabout and come back on themselves if they wish to go right.

A spokesman told The Standard the change will mean traffic can turn left out of South End for another 12 seconds - the equivalent of three of four more vehicles.

The spokesman said the council understands the majority of traffic, including heavy goods vehicles from the docks, turn left anyway.

They stressed the move is an ‘experiment’ and will welcome feedback. Residents and businesses have been sent letters to ask for their comments before June 23.

The story, published in today’s Standard, has already drawn comments from motorists who fear it will not be a good move.

Darron Abbott, who regularly travels in to town from London Road, fears it will only serve to add more congestion to the busy Liquorpond roundabout.

The roundabout regularly suffers from congestion at peak times and he said big lorries turning around there could make queues along Spalding Road even longer.

He said: “I think it will make it worse. That roundabout is a nightmare anyway, I hate it.

“I would rather drive in Manchester than Boston.”

He added: “It’s going to be murder getting into town from Spalding Road.”

He said queues from that roundabout regularly stretch back past Tanglewoord Care Home in Boston, especially on Friday afternoons and during the ‘school run’ on a wet day.

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