Plans for Boston bypass are moving...but slowly

Councillor Peter Bedford.
Councillor Peter Bedford.

A bypass, or distributor road, could still be 10 or more years away from completion following the release of the latest county transport plan.

Lincolnshire’s 10 year strategy for transport was approved by the county council recently and Boston Borough Council leader Coun Peter Bedford told The Standard it had put in place the support needed to go ahead with plans.

The borough council is looking at how the transport plan can tie in with the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan which looks at developments that would provide the cash through planning agreement.

Coun Bedford said: “In all honesty, it puts in place what we need to be able to take it forward to put it into the local plan that’s emerging.

“It’s as good as we can get at this moment.”

However, he said it could be a long while yet before anything is solid.

“It could be 10 years, possibly more.

“It will have to be delivered in stages along with development,” he said.

“It could be developing in two or three years for one section, but it could be five years.

“It’s impossible to put a time on it.

“The transport plan is fine, it’s got on it the support we need so that as and when developers become available it allows us to start.”

The local plan goes out for statutory public consultation in May.

The Fourth Lincolnshire Local Transport Plan outlines the strategy for the county in 2013/14–2022/13 and acknowledges the issue of congestion in Boston and other towns, including Lincoln and Grantham which have at least partial bypasses.

It also looks at other elements such as the Water Ways Project, including improvements to cycling facilities along the South Forty Foot Drain and work improvements to public transport infrastructure.

This includes real-time information systems operating in Boston.