Pothole problems driving motorists round the bend

Pot holes in and around Boston.'John Adams Road, Boston.
Pot holes in and around Boston.'John Adams Road, Boston.

We’ve been bombarded with comments about the amount of potholes around Boston since we highlighted the growing problem last week.

A large number of readers have contacted The Standard to tell us of their own pothole hell, and we are getting together quite a list of crumbling roads to pass on to Lincolnshire County Council asking them to fix the problem.

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The highways authority said work to fix potholes was ongoing throughout the year, but the recent bad weather exacerbated the problem and made it impossible to fix the holey roads.

But some residents say the problem is there all year around – and they are getting sick of the problem.

Nick Thompson said Vauxhall Road was a a particularly bad area, adding: “You have to swerve or brake to avoid the risk of breaking your axle.”

Other problem areas included roads in Gipsey Bridge, Fenside Road, in Boston, and Sentence Crescent in Kirton.

Clare Stephens commented on our Facebook page to put forward Wellington Road as one of the worst offenders, saying:“I swear someone gets their pick axe out at night.”

David Daines said Watery Lane in Butterwick was getting difficult to drive down because it was so crater-filled.

Cyclists also suffer. Karen Barnett emailed to say: “When a huge pothole suddenly appears, especially with the policy of barely lit roads, it is a nightmare.”

A spokesman for the county council said work to fix the county’s roads would take place when the weather was better, as the conditions would not allow it at the moment.

He said: “Over the next two years, we’ll invest a further £6.5 million to renew, repair and extend the life of roads across Lincolnshire. The extra funding will enable us to carry out more preventative work on our roads.”

○ Call county council (01522 782070) to report potholes.