Reduce speed or somebody will die

RESIDENTS living on a busy Boston-area road have made a desperate call for the speed limit to be reduced before someone is killed.

Householders in Frampton have made an impassioned plea for the derestricted speed limit on London Road to be dropped to 40 miles per hour after years of traffic problems and accidents.

Ahead of a public meeting they claimed every house along the stretch from Wyberton to Kirton has fallen victim to cars coming off the road and going into their gardens.

Remarkably, despite the frequency of incidents, only two people have been injured in recent years, but residents say it is only a matter of time until it happens again.

At the public meeting about the issue last week, resident Colin Dodsworth said: “The authorities would be calling it a lot differently if somebody had been killed. God must be looking down on them but it’s only going to be that one time. In the next 10 years people will die.”

Along with motorists driving at speed, residents have issues when they are trying to get off their driveways into the flow of traffic and out onto the road. Many described the road as ‘scary’.

Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department has proposed reducing the speed limit to 50 miles per hour, but residents said at the meeting it would not be enough.

Highways representative Andy Wharf told those gathered the speed had been set a number of years ago based on the average speed of vehicles using the road, which had been 49 miles per hour.

He added: “50 miles per hour is a an appropriate limit.”

However, John Hemingway, who lives along the road, said: “At 60 we take our lives in our hands getting off our driveways. At 50 it will still remain a dangerous manoeuvre. At 40 it will be safe and so will drivers on the road.”

The meeting, which took place at Kirton Town Hall on Friday, was organised and chaired by Boston MP Mark Simmonds, who said he would support the residents in their efforts to get the speed limit reduced.

The politician added: “There is unanimity of purpose. Everybody living along that stretch of London Road feels the same way.”

Other issues were also raised with the state of the footpath along London Road, and cycling provision in the village.

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