Relief at bus route lifeline

Residents at Welland Road bus stop
Residents at Welland Road bus stop

Residents in Boston were left fuming after the InterTown bus service to their road was cut – but now the service has been thrown a lifeline.

Operator Brylaine Travel cancelled the number 61 service for not being commercially viable – with a maximum of seven passengers a day from the area using the service.

They gave correct notice of the change to Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and put posters on their buses.

However, ward councillors for the area were angry that LCC did not inform them of the changes.

UKIP county councillor for Boston West Bob McAuley and borough councillors for the area Yvonne Gunter and Stephen Woodliffe were not aware of the service withdrawl until they received dozens of complaints from elderly residents there.

Coun McAuley stepped in to try to resolve the issue.

Speaking to The Standard on Monday, Coun McAuley said: “It’s good news. They are going to divert the number 59 bus service to include Welland Road and South Parade – and the county council has agreed to subsidise this.”

In an email to Coun McAuley, LCC’s head of transportation Chris Briggs said the council ‘sincerely apologise’ for not informing him of the service withdrawl, adding: “We will however, be monitoring usage and if the service is not well used we will withdraw our financial support.”

Coun McAuley added: “It’s now down to the residents to use it or lose it.”

The new service, the number 59 Boston to Spalding, will call at Welland Road and South Parade from Monday, September 23.

The times for Welland Road, Monday-Saturday, are as follows: 9.30am, 10,30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1,30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.45pm and 5.30pm. It will call at South Parade a minute before these times.