Residents call on parish help over speeding

Residents of West End Road, Wyberton, worried about dangers on their road, EMN-180502-163150001
Residents of West End Road, Wyberton, worried about dangers on their road, EMN-180502-163150001

Concerned residents have called on a parish council to help them with speeding and dangerous motorists on West End Road, in Wyberton.

The residents say they have been ‘more and more aggrieved’ over the past several years as a ‘growing number of drivers do not adhere to the speed limit’ down the road.

There have been several reported incidents, including trees uprooted, brick walls demolished, and vehicles ending up upside down on someone’s drive - mainly they say due to speeding.

There are also reports of overweight lorries using the route - which has a 7.5 ton weight limit - as a short cut.

Sue Bell, a parish councillor speaking on behalf of the residents, said: “It’s said that just trying to either reverse into, or out of your own drive is fraught with danger, and at times abuse by drivers in a hurry.

Entering from Tytton Lane West, Five House Lane, or Hammond Beck, they are taking a risk of being run into.”

The residents say speed signs on the road have been ‘to no avail’.

Apparently there had been a speed trap in place the week before the meeting.

A spokesman for Wyberton Parish Council said it sympathised with the residents.

They said: “Councillors continually get complaints about speeding on most roads in Wyberton.

“As stated in the national press, parish councils are not the police, we can only pass these comments onto the police and highways department, we have however added more 30mph passive signs along West End Road

“The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership is looking for volunteers to join the Community Speed Watch Scheme.”

The local highways manager said: “We’re aware of the local concerns regarding traffic speeds along West End Road and have already installed additional signage and road markings to remind motorists to drive slowly.

“We’ve also adjusted the existing speed signs at London Road to ensure they are suitably visible for drivers, reinforcing the 30mph limit through the village.

“A traffic survey was carried out in December 2016 which showed an average speed of 27mph and a low number of HGVs using this route.

“However, we’re currently assessing whether anything further can be done to address these issues, but there are practical limits to what we can do to stop speeding and the road being used as a shortcut for lorries, as they are permitted access to properties and businesses.

“We would encourage motorists to drive with appropriate care, and remind them that they could face police action if they exceed the speed limit or if their vehicle exceeds the weight limit when traveling along this route.”