Road safety expert: “I wouldn’t drive faster than 20mph in Boston”

Is it safe to drive faster than 20mph in Boston town centre?
Is it safe to drive faster than 20mph in Boston town centre?
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A senior road safety officer has said he would not travel faster than 20 mph when driving through Boston for fear of hitting a pedestrian.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership Communications Manager John Siddle also backed the use of ‘on board’ cameras to help motorists cover themselves if they are involved in accidents.

The c omments come after two accidents within a week in Boston town centre in which pedestrians were struck by vehicles.

The incidents – on September 28 and October 5 – caused big disruption on consecutive Sundays and on neither occasion is driver error thought to be a factor with no charges brought or arrests made.

Mr Siddle said: “If I was driving through Boston any time the pubs are open I would be so careful.

“I wouldn’t trust myself to drive at speed – especially at kicking out time.

“I would say in the town I would probably sit at 20 mph.”

He said one contributing factor may be a cultural one. He said for many foreign nationals their instinct is to look left instead of right when stepping out into the road after drinking alcohol.

Mr Siddle said the incidents can be harrowing for the drivers – who not only have to face up to the fact they have hit someone but also that they may be under suspicion.

He added: “It’s going to be horrendous. You are immediately under scrutiny because you are the driver.

“You have just got to hope that enough people witness what actually happened.

“That’s where on board cameras come into their own.”

He said he ‘wouldn’t be without’ his in-car camera and has witnessed himself the footage from a camera help to clear a driver under suspicion.

The cameras are becoming increasingly common and retail under £100.

The partnership runs drink-drive awareness campaigns across the media each Christmas - but Mr Siddle said it would be ‘difficult’ to target the issue of pedestrians.