Roadworks spark more traffic chaos

Traffic going into Boston on Slefaord Road.
Traffic going into Boston on Slefaord Road.

A SERIES of roadworks around Boston are leaving frustrated motorists in gridlock.

Several sets of works, including gas and drainage repairs and a pedestrian crossing upgrade, are affecting major routes into the town such as Sleaford, Spalding and Horncastle Roads – with a combined impact that’s causing long queues at busy times.

Christine Basu, chairman of the Boston Bypass Pressure Group, said: “One of Boston’s major problems is that any roadworks around the town tend to cause gridlock and it doesn’t just affect the immediate area it has an effect around the whole of Boston.”

She described the problems as ‘like a merry-go-round, the same thing happens year after year after year and nothing seems to get better, we just get fobbed off’.

She added a lot of back roads, including London Road and Freiston Road had become rat-runs because people become frustrated with traffic and try to get to places faster which caused danger to others.

Tony Lane, of Boston Driving School, branded the roadworks ‘a pain in the bum’, especially with the closure of Sluice Bridge, and said he had been forced to change lesson times so he could still provide his students with value for money.

He said: “Traffic which was going across Sluice Bridge is now going down John Adams Way and that increases my journey time between lessons.

“It means I have to plan the lessons to make allowances for students to be able to deal with the extra traffic.”

“There will be certain areas I will take them to give the students value for money.”

He does expect to lose trade as a result of the roadworks.

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesman asked people to bear with the works.

The spokesman said the job in Fydell Street, which is expected to be shut until January 21, had already been deferred for two years while road widening works took place on the A16.

The county council’s network and development manager Martyn Allen said: “We have a duty to co-ordinate works on the highway and aim to minimise disruption as much as we can for everyone.

“We need to ensure the roads are in a safe condition for pedestrians and motorists to use, while also allowing utility companies to carry out their maintenance work.

“Sometimes this can go ahead as planned, other times they will be directed to do this on a different date, or we will defer our own improvements to the highway.

“It is a busy time in Boston at the moment, and we’d urge people to bear with all the organisations involved, as we look to make improvements to the town.”

Emergency services said the roadworks are not affecting their operations.