Sowing the seeds for a wild flower meadow in the town

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FLOWER power and enthusiasm from a group of Boston volunteers is set to see an area of the town carpeted with wild flowers.

Voluntary group Boston Greenscapers has been sowing seeds to create a wild flower meadow close to the busy town centre.

Sitauted on the Cuckoo Land allotments, off Wyberton Low Road, the land has received an English wild flower mixture as part of the town’s Boston in Bloom effort.

Organiser Rachel Lauberts said: “By the summer it should be a carpet of red, white, blue and yellow.”

Boston Greenscapers has been formed by the town’s Placecheck groups to operate in all areas of the town.

The wild flower meadow project has been backed by Boston Seeds which has donated about £4,000 worth of wild flower seeds. Based at Langrick, it is the UK’s leading online grass and wildflower seed company with products.

Owner Andrew Wallis said: “We are increasingly asked to provide specifications and seed mixtures for habitat projects.

“Additionally, projects for RSPB, Environmental Stewardship, Woodland Trust and Natural England (to name a few) are becoming more important to our core business.”

Mrs Lauberts thanked Boston Seeds, Speedy Hire, of Boston, for loan of scarifier machine, TFM Supplies, of Boston for transporting tools and equipment, and Asda for flower bulbs and a first-aid kit.

The bulbs have been planted by the Greenscapers in areas alongside John Adams Way.

l Boston Greenscapers want to hear suggestions for other areas of town in need of a makeover. Contact Rachel on 01205 312876.