Speed limit rise for tractors

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The Country Landowners and Business Association has welcomed the speed limit for agricultural vehicles on Lincolnshire’s roads being increased from 20mph to 25mph.

The change, set to come into force on March 9, has been confirmed by Transport Minister Claire Perry who also said the maximum combined weight of a tractor and trailer is to increase from 24.39 tonnes to 31 tonnes.

She said the change would increase the amount of produce farmers can carry, resulting in fewer journeys and a decrease in risk of accidents, as well as creating huge savings to the farming industry.

The CLA, which represents thousands of farmers, landowners, and rural businesses across the eastern region, welcomed the news and that the Government is to consider increasing the speed limit and weight restrictions even further in time for harvest 2016.

CLA East regional director Ben Underwood said: “The changes more appropriately reflect the capabilities of modern agricultural machinery and bring the UK in line with our competitors in other EU member 

“It is worth noting as well that these changes will also go a long way towards making our rural roads safer by potentially reducing the amount of overtaking that takes place.

“We will press for further changes, especially related to the weight limit for heavier trailers. It is time to make sure the law reflects the major advance in scale and sophistication of agricultural machinery.”