Support traders now roadworks are over

Main Ridge
Main Ridge

Traders in Main Ridge East are enjoying being back to normal after a six-week roadwork nightmare...and now hope customers show them their support.

Firms in the area suffered from the closure of the junction with John Adams Way from May 27 to July 7.

The closure – part of a £275,000 programme of works to fix lights, potholes and a gas main – meant it proved difficult for customers to reach businesses.

But it’s all clear now and the firms are open for business - and hoping for a show of support.

Steve Upsall of Eagles said takings were down by as much as half for the six-week period.

He told The Standard: “The customers were not going to buy fish and chips and then wait in traffic for it to go cold before they got home so they stopped coming.

“Fingers crossed they come back to us now - we are all open as normal.”

Alan Wright, of Wright’s Furniture, said he expects the works to have an impact for a while to come.

He says his business relies on customers coming in to browse weeks, or even months, before they come back to make their purchases.

He said: “If they couldn’t get to us in June then that will still have a knock-on effect in July and August. People look a couple of months in advance.”

He feels there were other areas that needed work ahead of Main Ridge and is disappointed with the way the project was handled by highways bosses.

Like other traders in the area, Mr Wright was not happy at the way the work was carried out.

He added: “Highways haven’t helped us one iota.”

Chris Cook, of Chris Cook Print, said: “We were absolutely cut off and left to it.

“Even when it was open the odd time there were still signs out saying it was closed.

“For us to get deliveries in and out was a nightmare.

“Customers were really patient with us and understood the situation.

“Quite a lot of people tried to walk down to us but getting across John Adams Way wasn’t easy with the crossing closed.”

He added: “Quite a few of the businesses we deal with rung up and were sympathetic - that was nice really because it was for quite a long time.”

The county council said the roadworks were ‘very important’ and improved several busy roads.

The council said a number of jobs were packaged together to try to make less disruption for motorists and traders.