‘Traffic park’ idea to boost safety in Boston

Traffic park in the Czech Republic
Traffic park in the Czech Republic
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An innovative project which aims to teach children road safety has been put forward to councillors to find a suitable location for it.

The idea for a traffic park, which is a scaled-down version of roadways, was put forward as part of discussions about Garfits Lane.

Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) councillors were positive about the scheme itself, however, felt that Garfits Lane might not be a suitable location for the scheme and so voted to get a report put together to explore which park might be best.

The idea was formulated by Hana Rafajova after visiting her home in the Czech Republic and taking her son, who was seven at the time, to a similar scheme.

She has already found funding avenues for the scheme and was only approaching the committee for location help.

Councillor Carol Taylor is a major supporter of the plans and said of the report put before BTAC: “If you see the folder that Hana has done, this is very brief. There is nothing like this in this country.

“This is a great opportunity to do something which has never been done here before.”

Traffic parks are used as part of driver education programmes and as a way to improve traffic awareness among school-aged children.

Children can take their own bikes and pedal cars onto the roadways and some schemes even hire staff to act as traffic police.

There are examples of similar schemes run in Canada, India and Poland.

Sgt Fran Harrod, of Lincolnshire Police, said: “A lot of hard work has gone into this idea. She’s not asking for money, but she can’t take it any further forward until she has an idea in her mind where she can put this site.”

Coun Bob McAuley said he would support the idea. He said: “With the traffic that we have got nowadays the more we can do to safeguard our children the better.”

He added he wanted to work with schools to encourage walking and biking.

Coun Paul Kenny called it a ‘model project”.

Councillors raised concerns about Garfits Lane as a suitable location saying the access road would be too small for buses of schoolchildren.

A report on a suitable location will go to a future BTAC meeting.