Would a park and ride system help ease Boston’s traffic woes?

A PARK and ride system might help ease some of the congestion suffered in Boston, according to a business leader in the town.

Boston BID manager Niall Armstrong floated the idea as the town suffers another period of traffic troubles - with roadworks on key routes such as Fydell Street and Spalding Road causing long tailbacks.

The idea will be explored by the BID this year.

Mr Armstrong told The Standard: “A lot of larger places have got a park and ride but maybe you only see it in larger places because it needs a ‘critical mass’.

“Maybe it won’t work here but it’s worth exploring and it’s something that maybe Boston could benefit from.”

Mr Armstrong says that having a park and ride may work in Boston because cars are able to easily get to places such as the Enterprise Park at the western edge - but meet with traffic from there on.

The BID manager currently finds himself going out to Langrick to come into the town via Horncastle Road in the morning - and says he is not the only commuter taking a long detour.

Boston’s problems have been compounded by gas works taking place on Fydell Street at the same time as a pedestrian crossing upgrade on Spalding Road, which closed one lane in both directions near the Spirit of Endeavour pub.

The Spalding Road works should finish this week but the gas works in Fydell Street are due to carry on until January 27.

From then it will only be open to westbound traffic until February 11.

Lincolnshire County Council says the Fydell Street work has already been deferred for two years while widening works took place on the A16.