Travel writer on a ‘mission’ to promote Lincolnshire

Travel writer Jane Keightley
Travel writer Jane Keightley
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‘Lincolnshire is more than just a load of cabbage fields’ says a Boston travel writer - who is keen to promote the county’s tourism.

Jane Keightley, of Manor Gardens, has a passion for travel writing and has just set up a blog as part of her ‘mission’ to show people from the rest of the UK what Lincolnshire has to offer.

“We are hardly ever mentioned in travel articles in magazines and newspapers,“ said Jane, 57. “I am now on a mission to change this and improve our image.”

Jane, who grew up in Swineshead, worked as a bookseller for many years and said she noticed a lack of guide books on Lincolnshire. She now writes regularly for Italia! magazine, Lincolnshire Life and Country Walking Magazine.

One tip she has for would-be visitors is to travel around the county on foot - to enjoy attractive spots not accessible by car.

“I specialise in writing about Italy and Lincolnshire – but am willing to write about anywhere interesting,” said Jane. “I have recently started a blog called www.365goodreasonstovisitlincolnshire.word in which I am trying to get rid of the image of Lincolnshire as ‘just a load of old cabbage fields’.

“I have had this comment made to me on countless occasions by people who have never even visited Lincolnshire and it annoys me intensely.”

Jane’s mum Pamela Southworth lives in Swineshead and has written several history books about the village.

“I think I get my love of writing and research and local history from her,” she added.

Jane has these tips for outsiders thinking about visiting the Boston area:

l For people keen on history, Boston has a lot to offer with our links with America and the Pilgrim Fathers. Also we have links to Australia which people often overlook. Joseph Banks came from Revesby and Matthew Flinders came from Donington.

l As well as all our historical connections we are an amazing place for birdwatchers to visit with Freiston Shore and Frampton Marsh to visit.

l We also have intriguing museums nearby such as the Bubble car Museum at Langrick and the Romany museum near Spalding. Apart from that there is all our lovely local food.

Jane’s website is found at