Travellers assure landowner they will move on ‘in two or three days’


Travellers set up in Gilbert Drive have told the landowners they will be moving on in ‘two or three days’.

A spokesman for Broadgate Builders, which currently owns the land on which the travellers have settled, told The Standard that they had spoken to those who were there.

They said that after the three-day mark had passed they would reassess the situation, and if the caravans were still on site decide on a course of action to take.

The spokesman said that after the weekend the company was hoping to get machinery on site to carry out planned works on the road.

WEDNESDAY, 2.28pm - Lincolnshire County Council have confirmed that the travellers have setup on Gilbert Drive which is land that belongs to Broadgate Builders.

Since it is private land, a spokesman said, ‘it will be the responsibility of the landowner to handle the situation’.

WEDNESDAY, 1.09pm - Travellers have set up camp on Endeavour Park.

Reports came in to The Standard from nearby sources regarding eight caravans on Gilbert Drive in the area today (Wednesday).

The travellers have set up on a public highway, which means they come under Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Police’s jurisdiction rather than Boston Borough Council.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman has confirmed the force were aware of the situation although said their reports vary from between six and seven caravans.

The Standard has also contacted Lincolnshire County Council.

More details as they come.