Trespass warning after ‘disturbing stories’ of parkour on Boston buildings

Lincolnshire Police news.
Lincolnshire Police news.

Police bosses have reminded people they may be trespassing after ‘disturbing stories’ of teens practising parkour on West Street buildings.

Chief Supt for Boston Shaun West Tweeted following a meeting with the town’s forces.

He said: “Heard disturbing stories today of teens practising #parkour, jumping roof to roof between premises.

“Not only trespass, moreover dangerous!”

A force spokesman confirmed there had been an incident of young people on the roof of a building in West Street early Monday evening.

They said two teenage boys had been dealt with through ASB channels.

In August, youngsters were seen on the old court house in Boston.

At the time Insp Andy Morrice, Boston’s Community Insp, said: “Rooftops are not the right places for several reasons. For one they may be trespassing and could be in trouble if inadvertently damage was caused.

“But I am much more concerned about the potential risk they place themselves in.”