Triathlon effort for crisis team

Sebastien taking part in the triathlon.
Sebastien taking part in the triathlon.

A Boston man has overcome depression to complete a gruelling triathlon and rasie £2,000 for the local health trust which helped him.

Sebastien Rosse, 46, took part in the Brighton and Hove triathlon to raise money for Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Boston crisis team, which supported him during his illness.

Sebastien, third from left, presents the cheque for �2,000 to LPFT.

Sebastien, third from left, presents the cheque for �2,000 to LPFT.

The triathlon involved a 750m sea swim, a 20km cycle and a 5km run along the beach-lined promenade.

Sebastien suffered with depression for 20 years of his adult life and received dedicated help from the Boston crisis team during difficult periods in his illness.

He says their patience and understanding helped him to discover his own strength to recover.

The Boston crisis resolution and home treatment team provide care and support to service users who may be experiencing a serious mental health crisis. They ensure people remain safe and well at home and avoid a hospital admission.

Sebastien said: “The team were dedicated with their support.

“They phoned every morning, visited every night and helped deal with my confusion and suicidal thoughts.

“The care I received from LPFT staff really helped me to discover my own strengths.”

A focus and devotion to cycling also helped aid his recovery.

“A friend encouraged me to sign up for the triathlon,” explained Sebastien. “It felt like a way to maintain my new found wellbeing and it was also a way to offer sponsorship money to the organisation that pulled me past my demons.”

Sebastien has now presented a cheque to the Trust’s Board of Directors.

A spokesman for LPFT said the money will be spent directly with the crisis team to help enhance the service they offer to others in a crisis.