Trolley loads of groceries donated to food bank...and it’s not even open yet

Boston's food bank volunteers prepare to officially open next week
Boston's food bank volunteers prepare to officially open next week

A new project aimed at helping people struggling to put food on the table has had success with donations before it’s even opened.

Organisers at Boston Food Bank, which officially opens next Tuesday at St Christopher’s Church, in Fenside, said they were already amazed by the generosity of shoppers at the town’s supermarkets.

Project manager Ian Evans said some people were donating whole trolley loads to volunteers at Boston’s Asda store last week.

He said: “We’re already seeing an early demand at Boston Food Bank even though we are not officially open until February 5 so the one-and-a-half tonnes of food donated by Asda customers could not have come at a better time.

“Boston Food Bank would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated.

“This new year is already looking a little brighter for people and families in crisis as a result of the current worsening economic situation.”

Shortly before Christmas the volunteers were at Tesco trying to get donations from customers and Ian said the food bank organisers thanked them as well.

He added: “Already a lot of that food has been used over the Christmas and New Year period.”

The new food bank, set up as part of the Trussel Trust, is being set up under the umbrella of the Parish of Boston church authority in partnership with various agencies in the area.

Setting up twice a week at St Christopher’s Church, in Fenside, the food bank will aim to give short-term help to those who suddenly find themselves unable to cope financially through job or family loss, a benefit delay or an unexpected bill.

The idea was developed by retired Baptist minister Ian Evans.

To be eligible to use the food bank, people must be referred by agencies such as Citizens Advice Bureau, South Lincs CVS, the Council, doctors or social workers.

Those agencies would give the affected person a voucher to take to the food bank in exchange for a bag of necessities which will last at least three days.