Twin Town contest between Boston and Laval

Laval twinning archery
Laval twinning archery

Bostonians have just returned from their bi-annual visit to twin town Laval in northern France – but have left the Valentine Cup behind this time.

The visitors had won the archery contest against their French friends for the last three years but were narrowly defeated this time.

The event forms part of the twinning link, which was established in 1958 with the trophy named after then-Boston Mayor Alderman Cyril Valentine.

Aside from the sport the Laval Twinning Committee also organised a visit to the Palace of Versailles and a coach tour of the sites of Paris as well as time in the famous artistic quarter of Montmatre.

A spokesman said: “Altogether a truly memorable visit and the Boston people are looking forward to receiving their French friends in Boston next year.”