Twinning links are still strong for Boston and Laval

AS MANY local authorities consider dropping their twinning links with other parts of the world, the leader of Boston Borough Council has said bonds are strong between Boston and its twin town of Laval, in France.

Community leaders in parts of the country have said twinning links are no longer relevant, but Coun Peter Bedford said that was not the case here. He added: “It’s still very relevant. There is still a very strong twinned link between the schools and everything else.”

The annual mayoral trip to Laval no longer takes place, to save money, and the council contributes only a nominal fee to support the link, Coun Bedford said.

The link is managed by the Boston International Committee, headed up by Ian Clayton.

He told the Standard: “It is the one, true way to improve a language, to make firm friends in a foreign country and to learn about that country and its customs.”