Two months more work to fix majority of Boston’s flood defences

Environment Agency repairs behind Jakeman's Yard
Environment Agency repairs behind Jakeman's Yard

Engineers say it will take them another two months before they have finished the majority of repairs to Boston’s flood defences.

The Environment Agency says it is continuing to work hard to repair the damage caused by the tidal surge of December 5 – and also reassured 
people that the next set of high tides are ‘unlikely’ to cause similar devastation in the town.

A spokesman told The Standard that permanent repairs to a 10-metre stretch of damaged flood wall at Bath Gardens were completed before Christmas.

It is now working on a 20-metre ‘slip’ in the bank behind Jakeman’s Yard, with a barge delivering more than 600 tonnes of stone to strengthen the bank in this area.

The spokesman added: “We plan to start work in early February to repair the joints and brickwork in the flood wall on London Road.

“We’re also currently assessing the best permanent repairs options for the damaged flood bank at Slippery Gowt, the flood wall at White Horse Lane, and another slip in a flood bank opposite the entrance to the port along The Haven.

“We hope to complete the majority of permanent repairs to flood defences before March 31, 2014, but please be assured that any temporary repairs have been designed to reduce the risk of flooding from normal high tides until permanent repairs can be finished.”

The next set of high tides are forecast for between Friday, January 31, and Monday, February 3.

The EA spokesman said: “Spring tides happen every two weeks of the year and, on their own, do not normally cause flooding.

“The tidal surge on December 5 was caused by extreme weather conditions, when high spring tides combined with strong winds and low pressure – causing the sea to rise.

“Although we can forecast spring tide levels a long way in advance, weather conditions can only be accurately forecast by the Met Office about five days before.

“We are unlikely to experience the same extreme weather conditions in early February, but we are closely monitoring the situation with our partners and will issue any flood alerts and warnings that are needed.”

People can sign up to free flood warnings by calling Floodline on 0845 9881188 or visit the website at