UAF demonstration postponed

A DEMONSTRATION which was planned to counteract an anti-immigration protest has been postponed, following threats of violence to the town, says organsiers.

Unite Against Fascism and a number of trade unions had planned to march on November 19 in opposition of the anti-immigration demonstration on the same day, which has since been cancelled.

But organisers have said that after they received threats against the peace of the town on that day, as well as against their personal safety, they decided to move the event to a later date, in a bid to avoid inciting violence on that day.

Unite Against Fascism volunteer Sarah Walsh said: “People have been saying they are using the 19th as a reason to come to Boston and cause as much havoc as possible.

“The fact that they want to start riots in Boston is too much.”

The group was determined to march on the day, despite concerns from Boston Borough Council that people could use the date to cause trouble in the town. Organisers said they would hold the event despite the cancellation of the original event, which was protesting about levels of immigration into Boston.

Ms Walsh said she hoped the peaceful march, which is also protesting against the level of government cuts which are biting in the area, would be able to take place in the next month, on a date which was less likely to attract troublemakers to the town.